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We're a Passionate Team of People

Hard work does make things happening. Passion keeps us focus on the goal. To reach that goal, we also must never forget we are not doing this for us but our customers.

Our History

We tried hard to please you

We've never stopped to imagine, invent, and try for the good of our dreams."

2013.The Beginning

Among the several technologies and ideas we've got, we chose to develop the 360° tech to improve the way to show what's all around everyone. It's cliché, but, yes, we are living in a world in 360°, but we are still sharing flat 2 dimensional pictures and videos!

2014.The Early Days

We started to design and release a top-notch quality 360° Virtual Tour solution. Due to the very high price of the equipment that was able to capture 360° panoramas at that time, our offer was not online but rather tailor-made services for the real estate and leisure industries. That solution made us frustrated as we wanted to find a way to bring this technology to the mass market.

2016.We've got the solution!

After several attempts to find the right solution for the right audience, we released a brand new solution to allow everyone to create their own 360° Virtual Tours. The smartphones became powerful enough to endure the capture of the panoramas and to display the 360° pictures. Our efforts were going to payback!

2017.By everyone for everyone

We have focused our efforts to 3 major points:

  • The simplicity. Our solution must be used by anyone even though we integrate the best of bread in terms of features and quality.
  • No equipment required. The users must be able to use our solution with consumer-grade equipement all the way to professional dedicated 360° camera.
  • Our offer must be very affordable.

2018.Worldwide Recognition

Month after month we developed our services in new countries. This is only the beginning...

2020.Vertical Development

After the online Virtual Tour solution for the real estate industry, we are working very hard to release new offers for other industries. We are now close to release 3 new solutions that should be a game changer.

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