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Yes, our solution accepts any equirectangular picture generated by the 360° cameras, whatever the brand and model.

To access a Virtual Tour made on our platform, just send the URL (website address found in the 'publish section' of our editor) to your contacts. No specific hardware or software is required to view our Virtual Tours. A Virtual Tour is displayed like any web page on any device.

You are entitled for a certain number of Virtual Tours according to your subscription. From 1 free Virtual Tour with our DISCOVERY plan, and up to 100 Virtual Tours with our ENTERPRISE subscription. Once you create a Virtual Tour it will stay online and available as long as you keep your subscription active. At anytime, you can decide to deactivate one of your Virtual Tour. Doing so will remove this Virtual Tour from the public access but it will remain in your account to edit it anytime. You can also decide to add and/or delete any Virtual Tour.